Each of us has a wonderfully sensitive inner GPS; an intuition or gut feeling can help us navigate situations and make choices when there isn’t enough information.

How do we know which way to turn?

We need to know what feels “on” or “right” versus what feels “off” or “wrong.”

What feels “on?” When something feels “right” there is an inner sense of harmony, flow, goodness, or wellbeing. Something “just clicks.” There may be a sense of spaciousness, openness or warmth. A spontaneous smile may grace your lips. Another manifestation might be a sense of satisfied desire, that is, a sense of; potency, knowing, wholeness or completeness, presentness, nothing needs to be done. You might experience freedom.

What feels “off?” iRest teaches about 5 messengers that alert us to when we have moved away from right and responsive action. They are referred to as the “Pointer Sisters” because they point back to True Nature. These are the opposites of above. For example, when something is off it might feel there is a sense of limitation, contraction or coolness. There could be a sense of inertia or collapse, confusion, or worry about the past or future. A sense of being trapped might arise.

The 5 Pointer Sisters are:

  1. a sense of limitation or powerlessness,
  2. a sense of confusion or needing to know something,
  3. a sense of lack or being incomplete,
  4. a sense of not having enough time or aging, and
  5. a sense of needing more space, or being constrained or contracted.

A Reminder To Reconnect: These 5 messengers are experienced by all of us. If we can notice when we have become caught up by one of them, it can serve as a reminder of the fullness of its opposite.

Feeling powerless can remind us of the power of Being.

Feeling confusion can remind us that in our natural essential state of Being we don’t need to know anything to feel whole and complete.

Feeling lack can remind us that we are the unchanging that is present before, during and after all experiences.

Feeling old and too busy can remind us of a timeless peace when we practice just Being.

And feeling contracted can remind us to connect with the spaciousness inside, through which all experience comes and goes.

So the next time one of these messengers visits, use it as a pointer to feel back into your natural Beingness, where you are uncaused Joy.

Being Sensitive To Subtle Inner Messages

Your inner GPS depends on being sensitive to these subtle inner messages which appear as a felt-sense in the body. This is a practice that can be cultivated and refined over time. Make time, however brief, to regularly check in and ask:

  • Where am I sensing/feeling it? Scan the body and “look” at the head, forehead, eyes, throat, arms, torso, heart, solar plexus, shoulders, back, gut,
  • What is the quality of the sensing/feeling right?

Repeatedly checking in will attune us to the subtle changes that can be felt.

Trusting Those Feelings 

This can be a practice that brings resistance and doubt. Will I fail if I trust this?

Will I make a fool of myself? Will I lose in some way? It would be nice if we could just start being perfect at this right out of the gate but the truth is it is a skilled that is refined over time with practice. Accept that there will be some failure in this. That’s ok and expected. It is part of the learning curve. The reward is learning to trust yourself even when there is no logical explanation r your felts sense. It may be that you need to be somewhere for someone else’s benefit. Many times we won’t know why.

Acting On Them

Start small with your experiments. Turn left instead or right, buy that extra lightbulb, make that phone call. As you experience the positives of following your gut you may find that you’ve successfully avoided some difficult things as well as find yourself in the right place at the right time.

The other benefit of trusting our instincts is that we are congruent with ourselves. Each time we ignore these messengers there is a going away from yourself. When you listen and act there is an honouring of self. These feel different. Going away, however subtly feels “off” while listening and acting in alignment with this feels “on.”

PNB DC 300 dpi 3inPhilip Beck is a Certified iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher, a graduate of the Spiritual Psychotherapy program at Transformational Arts College, and a 500-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher. He lives in Toronto and works with people who want to reconnect with themselves and their passion.

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