I offer free introductory 2-hour iRest Yoga Nidra presentations to businesses and studios to explore the interest for further courses and 1-2 day workshops. Workshops include a copy of my yoga book, handouts, a free recording of the guided iRest and a complementary 1:1 iRest dyad.

I offer 1-2 day iRest Yoga Nidra workshops to corporations and wellness centres who are interested in a more in-depth understanding and more skills for their use employees and clients. Workshops include a copy of my yoga book, handouts, a free recording of the guided iRests and a complementary 1:1 iRest dyad.

This initial workshop can be followed by any of:

  • three 4-week courses
  • two or three 6-week courses
  • one or two 8-week courses
  • a continuing “Master” practice class

Coming This Fall! An on-line 6-week Introduction to Meditation with weekly Skype support.
This will be followed by “An Introduction to iRest Yoga Nidra.”

Personalized Sessions
Personalized private sessions are invaluable for resolving persistent issues that get in the way of being your best self.
They are available in person, via Skype or FaceTime.

Appointments and Fees
Appointments: I schedule sessions Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm, except when I am teaching. If you need a weekend appointment please call me personally at 647-738-4254. You can book an appointment by clicking here.
Fees are listed on the scheduling page and can be paid in cash, by cheque, credit card or e-transfer.

3G’s: Gratitude, Generosity & Guarantee
I believe no one should be denied a service because they cannot pay. For this reason I offer a sliding scale for people earning between $20,000 – $60,00 that is 0.1% of your gross annual income. For example, if you earn $20,000 a year, you would pay $20 per session. Sessions are generally 50 minute hours. If you are not satisfied with your experience you pay nothing. Guaranteed.

Personalized One and One Dyad
Integrative Restoration can be practiced on a “one with one” basis for personal healing work to help resolve your specific mental, emotional and physical issues. In this way you can also learn the process more deeply for your own practice. Its a powerful way to tailor iRest to your particular current life circumstances.The first session is complementary.

A dyad is a powerful therapeutic process that unfolds interactively using the 10-step iRest model. You can find out more here and here. It expands on the approaches of traditional psychotherapy and mindfulness by being body-centred, that is feeling directly into your experience in the moment. In this way hidden wisdom may be released bringing insight and action to assist you in resolving your current issue.

An agenda for change, no matter how subtle, implies that there is something wrong with you. Instead iRest gives you the tools and helps you discover what is right with you, that you are much more than you think and are in fact True Nature itself. iRest yoga nidra helps you become more present in your body and with your emotions. iRest is designed as a spiritual practice, that is, to bring you into contact with your True Spiritual Nature.

iRest uses mindfulness practices and extends them to include emotions, thoughts, images, beliefs and memories for a truly powerful therapeutic process. To get into your heart, you must get out of your head. Body centred psychotherapy is the newest approach to healing that is gaining recognition and acceptance as a legitimate process. It bypasses the mind’s defences and employs mindfulness with a variety of tried and true psychological principles to assist one in joyously living in the present moment, free of free, guilt and regret.

Buddha said that suffering would be transcended when the myth of separation (from our Divine Self) was healed. Integrative Restoration aims to do all of this. It is a gentle and profound healing path. A Personal Reflection Over the years I have done my fair share of counselling.

One thing that I know in my bones is talk therapy alone is not enough. Merely understanding the problems, how they happened and what to do didn’t release me from their emotional grip. I learned that to heal deeply and completely one must get “into the body” to access the residual tensions and emotions. Massage therapists know this when they talk about how “the issues are in the tissues.” Combining psychological work and bodywork is a truly transformative combination. I have taken the greatest strides on my journey in this way. In fact, one way of avoiding emotional residues is to intellectualize them. Our innate understanding of this is reflected in the expression “ you are in your head.” This is a means of “protecting” ourselves from psychic / emotional material that seems too difficult to digest. Ancient teaching stories talk about the knot in the heart or a tie pin in the collar* that symbolize the disconnection between our heads and our hearts.

In the end, freedom is not attained by suppressing or dissociating. Freedom is only uncovered by “meeting, greeting and welcoming” all of the past events, (thoughts, beliefs and memories) and integrating them (by balancing them with their opposites) and finally transcending them. Our most cherished desire is to be free of suffering, which is possible only by moving through and learning that we are bigger than it. iRest is such a practice. iRest is a wonderful and truly transformative practice.

A One-on-One session gives you the opportunity to release past pain and trauma and live free in the moment. One-on-One iRest is a way to acquire the skills to continue doing this on your own, eventually enabling you to live free of worry, depression, pain and anxiety. A personalized iRest affords you the time to directly address your own issues above and beyond the general ones dealt with in a group environment. This is the ideal way to delve deeply into True Nature and heal the mis-perceptions that cause physical, emotional and psychological pain.

“when we […] rest in the wisdom heart of our True Nature, the true equanimity of Being, sorrow and suffering cease.”

Bhagavad Gita, 2:65-66

“when we […] rest in the wisdom heart of our True Nature, the true equanimity of Being, sorrow and suffering cease.”

Bhagavad Gita, 2:65-66

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