Fall 2016 Events
FieldStones Wellness (6382 Kingston Rd, Scarborough)
Resting In Stillness: iRest Yoga Nidra For Relaxation, Healing & Awakening
Saturday November 19. 10 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Tuition: $85 (includes workbook and recording)
Join Philip as he shares the yogic teachings of non-dual meditation through the progressive and direct paths, guided meditation, and group dialogue. Non-dual meditation invites you to awaken to your true nature that is undeniable, ever-present, spacious, perfect, complete and always whole, which underlies all of life, yet so often goes unnoticed because of its simplicity.
Meditative self-inquiry invites you to step through the door of the known and awaken to your essential nature. Here, searching ends, fear, anxiety and suffering dissolve, and we discover unshakable peace, no matter our circumstance. This is the realization of awakening and enlightenment in daily life throughout all changing states of consciousness. End your search by giving yourself completely to ‘This’ that already owns your breath and moments. Pure, simple, direct. Not difficult. So necessary.
Philip will help you explore through dialogue and meditation the role of intention, attention, and welcoming thoughts and emotions as doorways to personal and spiritual growth.


Spring Weekend iRest Retreat with Philip Beck & Richard Wilkinson
Friday, April 21st – Sunday April 23rd.
Join us at a country retreat outside London, ON for an immersion in the iRest Yoga Nidra teachings and practices.
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To find out more about Richard, check out his website www.internalpeace.ca
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Coming to Toronto
Level 1 iRest Yoga Nidra Training with Anne Douglas
June 3 – 7, 2016
Information about this training has been posted on the IRI website. Click here to go there…

From the IRI website…

Level I: Basic iRest® Training

The Level I Training is designed to provide you with the basic principles, history, theory, practice and delivery of iRest. This will allow you to incorporate the simple 10-step iRest protocol into your personal life, professional teaching or clinical practice. The protocol has been designed for use in various settings that include a personal practice, yoga environments, physical therapy, massage therapy, social work, clinical and medical settings, alternative or integrative medical practices as well as in-job training and job resiliency programs. Most, but not all, Level I Trainings offer 31-38 CE* hours available for YA, PSY, MFT, LCSW, RN. Please see event details for specific CE offerings.

What is included:

  • The iRest Level I Training introduces you to the historical context and path of meditation in which iRest is embedded and provides you with an:
    • Understanding of Eastern and Western psycho-spiritual perspectives that form the path of meditation and iRest.
    • Understanding of the evidence-based research showing the efficacy of iRest and its use with different psycho-physical issues and populations.
    • Understanding of iRest within the context of meditation.
    • Understanding of the teacher-student relationship, teaching issues and ethical considerations.
  • Teaches you the Ten Steps of iRest.
  • Introduces and teaches you to use iRest for your personal practice.
  • Teaches you how to teach iRest to groups and individuals in order to provide simple yet highly effective delivery of iRest in group and individual settings.
  • Provides you the opportunity to participate in group lectures and peer discussion groups.
  • Provides you the opportunity to receive and participate in multiple iRest experiential group and one-on-one practice sessions.

Click here to go to the IRI site for further details about Level 1 Trainings.

I started this post a few days ago – prior to Donald Trump winning the US presidency, this and somehow it seems fitting that this post is about welcoming trauma, be it mental, emotional, physical,… or political. No matter which flavour of dis-ease one is being faced with the fundamental cause and its healing process is the same.

This morning, after reading the news that Trump had won I felt a tightness grip my chest and found my breath was restricted. From my experience with iRest I began my processing of welcoming.

  1. I noted its presence.
  2. I scanned my body for where the sensations were located.
  3. I noted their qualities with descriptive, non-evaluative labels.
  4. I labeled each of the sensations, emotions and thoughts.
  5. I changed “I feel afraid” to “fear is arising,” and noted how the change of wording subtly shifted my experience; I was less flooded, less gripped by it.
  6. I peeled off the labels – fear, anger, sadness, loss, grief.
  7. I set aside the thought worries – how would this affect Canada’s economy? World peace? Race relations? The healthcare provided to my family in the U.S.? I admitted I didn’t know – anything I could imagine was story-making. I released the story.
  8. I entered into the centre of the tightness without force and with a curious compassion.
  9. I was without any intention to get rid of it.
  10. I waited.
  11. I inquired, “Where was its centre? Its periphery?”
    Slowly, over a period of 15-20 minutes the tightness and the fear lessened.
    I sighed and the breath opened up and lengthened.
  12. A peacefulness emerged spontaneously.
  13. I noticed that both peacefulness and fear were present together.
  14. I felt back into an open spaciousness that held it all in its embrace.
  15. I sat with all of it.
  16. When my meditation timer chimed, I opened my eyes and looked into my living room from the background of an open spaciousness.
    Then I went back into my day.

There is still a tightness in my chest and a profound sadness.
This reminds me to feel back into the Open Spaciousness and feel the safety and security of its embrace in the middle of the tightness and sadness. From this place each one of us can meet fear of difference with wise action and a desire to understand.

Coming Up Next: How To Meet, Greet, Welcome and Engage Your Trauma: Part 2

Philip Beck is a Certified iRest Yoga Nidra Teacher, a graduate of the Spiritual Psychotherapy program at Transformational Arts College, and a 500-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher. He lives in Toronto and works with people who want to reconnect with themselves and their passion. Free discovery sessions are available in person, by Skype or FaceTime. You can email Philip here or  book Philip here for your complementary first session.

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